The Paradise Ring

Bespoke Jewellery Design Silver Award 2014

Goldmiths Craft and Design Council

The Inspiration

Stralitzia flower 2

The Strelitzia or it’s common name Birds of Paradise” is a flower very familiar to me as it is native to South Africa, my country of birth.

 I find that the shapes and angles of the flower to be very exciting and elegantly balanced. The vibrant colours of orange and contrasting purply/blue petals tantalises the senses. It’s splayed petals fanning out in tapering points is juxtaposed with it’s sense of strength and purpose. This is not a delicate flower, but one of statement and pride.

Combining all these attributes into a ring that is inherently round in shape was a little challenging. All the angles had to remain true to the flower form, yet had to fold onto the finger. Comfort and durability were taken into consideration, as within all design practicality had to combine with beauty.

The competition design brief:

Bellow is the brief received for the 2014 Bespoke Jewellery category. It is aimed to mimic a client wanting to commission an engagement ring. The design had to follow criteria set out by the client including the costs.

BESPOKE JEWELLERY (Sponsored by Harriet Kelsall)

Design ideas for a bespoke Engagement Ring inspired by a customer’s lifestyle, look and love of colourful flowers and patterns displayed in nature. With a materials cost of £500 use precious metals and at least one gemstone. Sketches/illustrations are to be done entirely by hand. Full details of the customer video at 

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