Make your own Wedding Rings

What could be more romantic than making each others wedding rings?

Wedding Jeweller of the year - Kent  Wedding Awards 2021/2022

Spend the day together in a fully equipped professional jeweller’s studio creating your own unique wedding rings will be a wonderful experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

You will be guided and assisted through each step of the making process and photos will be taken through out to record this memorable day and presented with your rings.

The details…

The fee for tuition is £330 per couple for exclusive use of the Studio and guidance .

Additional to the Studio fee is the costs for the metal, this will vary according to your ring size, chosen profile shape and choice of metal.

You are welcome to a free no-obligation consultation, please make an appointment where you can try on in excess of 120 sample rings of different shapes and sizes to get a feel of which ring you would like to make. We can meet in person at the Studio or chat via Skype or email

You can choose to work in all colour and finesses of gold, platinum and also palladium. More elaborate or fitted shapes will be possible to be made, gemstones can be set or designs engraved which can be discussed in detail when we consult.

An accurate quote is given once all details of the ring you wish to make are known.

We are very active in being Covid safe and follow the government guidance on sanitisation and where practically possible safe distancing. You will have a quarantined set of hand tools for your use on the day.

The day…

To briefly sumerise, your day will consist of shaping and forming a bar of metal into a strip that is to form the basis of the band. Bending up and shaping the band which is then soldered by joining the seam together using a jeweller’s blow torch. Followed by filing the desired shape and profile, which is then smoothed and finessed by emery paper and polished or textured to the desired surface finish. With your rings complete, celebrate by reflecting and toasting the day with a glass of bubbles!

For more information or gift vouchers please contact us.