Navette offers the following services:

Bespoke Jewellery

Wanting something a little more individual and unique, wishing to be part of the creative design process, needing to capture a symbolic sentiment within the design, then bespoke jewellery is the way to achieve this. Advice offered in a one-to-one consultation directly with the jeweller either in person or by email or Skype chat.

Remodelling and Repairs

The term ‘Remodelling’ is used to describe how an older piece of jewellery is taken and refashioned into something more modern, because it is perhaps not to your taste/style or perhaps you need to restore a much loved jewellery piece that is either worn out or broken, maintaining it’s original integrity.

Wedding rings

There are 4 main options available within our wedding ring service. With a selection of over 120 wedding ring samples you will be offered advice in a free consultation. Please arrange an appointment if you wish to chat.

Either chose to personalise your wedding rings with a sentimental aspect to the design or have a fitted ring made to nestle and shape around your engagement ring in our Bespoke Wedding Ring Service.

Select from our soon to be lauched Regency Wedding ring collection- inspired by combining modern with a vintage elements.

Directly from our trusted wedding ring suppliers, with numerous classic and gemset samples in their vast range to try on at the Studio.

Lastly our “Make your own wedding rings” one day workshop, which offers a couple exclusive use of the Studio with expert guidance throughout to hep them create wedding rings for their loved one.


Navette Jewellery Studio was born from a desire to provided direct contact between the public and the creative jeweller. There is great pleasure to be had in the involvement offered by collaborating on a design that in-turn is created for you on site. See your ideas come to life! Detailed sketches and in certain aspects CAD design images presented.

CAD CAM (Computer aided design and computer aided manufacture)

Combining CAD with handmade aspects has allowed for varied and exciting designs that hand skills alone could not help us achieve, as well as offering an element of precision. CAD has taken making jewellery for the independent jeweller to another level.


Bespoke and remodeling quotes will follow once a final design has been selected and repair quotes are presented once the jewellery item has been personally assessed to ascertain what work needs to be done. You are welcome to come and chat to me at the Studio or also remotely via email or Skype.