The Paradise Ring Design

Ever wanted an item of jewellery that was not attainable in the shops, looking for something a little different or perhaps you have a jewellery idea or concept that you would like to make into reality.

In the past year I have been honoured with 3 national Jewellery Design Awards.  I strive to create jewellery that will be wholly unique, personal and individual to the client.

DSC04749 web 850 x 750Having an item designed for you or your loved one is not as daunting as it seems. After an initial consultation, where we discuss your requests and style for whom the piece of jewellery is intended for, I will develop some ideas and present you with a few variations of designs in sketch form. Once a final design is selected then I can do a presentation drawing for you. This process allows you to build up a relationship of trust with me and we can then move into the next stage of making the jewellery.

Should you wish to my use my Design services only, then please contact me and we can discuss your requirements.